your brand identity quickly mapped out

Your brand identity quickly mapped out

Delivering what you promise begins with clearly knowing who you are. This also applies to your brand. Do you know what your brand (really) stands for? And do your employees? The Brand DNA Test maps out your brand quickly and thoroughly.


How it works

brand-DNA-Test-300x193Aan Z® uses the online Brand DNA Test to find out what needs to be done at value level. It is fast (10 minutes) and easy to fill in online and has great results. The test is based on an IAT (Implicit Association Test). The IAT measures implicit attitudes and beliefs of people that they are unwilling or unable to report. These subconscious choices emerge better under time pressure. Addressing the subconscious prevents socially acceptable behaviour. It is about who you truly are! By selecting the core values, colours, shapes and typographies (under time pressure) and reference marks and lifestyle images (not under time pressure) that best fit your brand, authenticity will arise. You now know your playing field and where there is work to be done.


The Brand DNA Test…..

  • helps define core values.
  • quickly maps out the DNA of your brand.
  • is as versatile as you want at no additional entry fees: survey of directors/ management and/or project and/or all employees.
  • helps mobilize support.
  • is based on an IAT (Implicit Association Test) through which we overcome socially acceptable behaviour.
  • provides a good basis for internal choices and to continue to build or recalibrate your brand!


Know your playing field. Want to learn more?



Brand DNA Test by Not on Paper.