the ones who do

Organizations and brands that purposely choose a position are more successful than those who do not or do not dare.


Vision on the market:

From what to why | Too many organizations focus on ‘what’ they produce or ‘what’ they do. This barely stimulates the purchase of a product or service. Organizations that honestly and sincerely explain ‘why’ they do what they do – especially in today’s market – are more successful. Additionally, by explaining the ‘why’ they speak directly to the decision making part of the brain. So dare to inspire! Keep in mind that a strong ‘why’ does not exist without expressing an obvious ‘how’ and ‘what’.


Turn to move |  Aan Z® believes that organizations and brands that first determine their playing field, and then look for opportunities in the market, are more successful than those who only look at what the consumer wants and what the competition is doing. An opportunity in the market does not necessarily mean an opportunity for an organization. The organization must be able to live up to its position in the market. Show your authenticity and DNA, be in control and be ready to move.


No guts, no glory | Organizations often settle for compromises when they position themselves. So many men, so many opinions. So show some guts and make bold choices. Based on thorough research and analysis of course. Growth through focus.